The World Combinations with the other Tarot cards – Good, Bad or Neutral?

The World is generally considered to be a good card in tarot combinations. Based on the evaluation of six experienced tarot readers, its average rating for love and relationships is 2.7 points, which is close to the high end of the -5 … +5 valuation range.

In tarot combinations the The World is most frequently associated with these keywords: accomplishment, achievement, completion, fulfilment, harmony, integration, sense of belonging, travel, wholeness.

In a combo with the other tarot cards, The World may radically change its meaning, sometimes for better, and sometimes – alas! – for much worse.

Here are all 77 possible combinations of The World with the other tarot cards:

The World and Major arcana combinations
The World and Cups combinations
The World and Pentacles combinations
The World and Wands combinations
The World and Swords combinations