The Devil Combinations with the other Tarot cards – Good, Bad or Neutral?

The Devil is generally considered to be a very bad card in tarot combinations. Based on the evaluation of six experienced tarot readers, its average rating for love and relationships is -3.3 points, which is at the lower end of the -5 … +5 valuation range.

In tarot combinations the The Devil is most frequently associated with these keywords: addiction, attachment, dependency, excess, obsession, oppression, restriction, sexuality, shadow self.

In a combo with the other tarot cards, The Devil may radically change its meaning, sometimes for better, and sometimes – alas! – for much worse.

Here are all 77 possible combinations of The Devil with the other tarot cards:

The Devil and Major arcana combinations
The Devil and Cups combinations
The Devil and Pentacles combinations
The Devil and Wands combinations
The Devil and Swords combinations