Combotarot is a site created by people like you and me, in other words – by passionate tarot lovers.

There are over thirty different and unique tarot interpretations on this site. Some are written by men, some by women, some by young, some by old… Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians and Australians, conservative and liberal, reserved and wildly enthusiastic…

Tarot is whole universe in itself. There are so many angles to explore! There are so many questions to answer!

We hope that we could add a new interpretation and a new set of 78 card meanings every month.

Combotarot follows three simple principles:

1) There is no single “right” way to interpret Tarot. We believe that tarot is democratic. As long as you are knowledgeable about tarot, practicing it and finding it meaningful, your opinion is as valid as anybody’s.

2) In order to make comparisons meaningful, we ask our authors to give every Tarot card a score in the range from from -5 (terrible) to +5 (great).

3) The vote of the majority gives the best answer. The meanings of tarot cards are not written in stone, they are written in our collective subconsciousness. We would like to collect as many opinions as possible and see what the majority thinks about every tarot card. What would be the average score if 1000 persons from all over the world provided their interpretations?

One day we hope to find the answer.


If you are a tarot aficionado, please, tell us what you think! Give the cards your evaluation! If you really passionate about tarot – write an interpretations for the whole 78 card set. Many people find this a remarkable adventure of spirituality and self-discovery.

We provide a modest remuneration for a whole set of 78 tarot card interpretations. If you’d like to share your tarot ideas with the rest of the world, please write to us!

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