The Magician and Ace of Cups combo interpretation

The Magician and Ace of cups cards together – what do they mean? The ace of cups indicates an emotional awakening and the magician suggests that you are the one with power over your feelings. Be introspective and analyze your emotions as they may affect some of the decisions that you make. Your decisions are in your hands, so take the time to decide how you will proceed. It is in your power to clear obstacles that are in your way and turn from negative energy. Use the power within to push past negative emotions and work on all that is positive. Focusing on the positive will help you to achieve your current goal or desire.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

Well, my dear, let me tell you that the combination of The Magician and Ace of Cups is quite a promising one when it comes to matters of love and relationships. You see, the Ace of Cups represents an emotional awakening – something that can be quite profound when it comes to matters of the heart. And paired with The Magician card, we have an individual who possesses resourcefulness, willpower, creativity and determination.

The Magician’s influence on love and relationships is undeniably positive in my opinion. This individual has their eyes set on new opportunities and possibilities in love – they simply cannot resist the potential that lies ahead. They are also willing to do whatever it takes to cultivate a supportive connection with their partner – whether it means spicing things up or adapting to changing circumstances.

However, as much as I admire The Magician’s drive and determination, there is always a risk that this may become one-sided if not shared by their partner. But so long as both parties remain inspired to share a life together despite any obstacles that come their way – well then my dear friend – this relationship is bound for success!

Now onto the meaning behind the Ace of Cups card in relation to love- I would say its influence is moderately positive. For those who are single at present time may expect a new partnership coming into your life soon enough! However if you’re already partnered up perhaps there has been some disagreement between you two lately but fear not because this could be resolved through gratitude rather than focusing solely on flaws.

Ultimately what these cards suggest for us all during times like these where emotions run high (as they tend too often)is introspection over our own feelings which affect decisions-making skills more than anything else does, taking control over obstacles standing before us instead shying away from them due negative energy surrounding situations at hand whilst keeping positivity mindset while working towards achieving desired goal or dream no matter how difficult said path might appear at first glance.

The Magician and Ace of Cups combo follow-up

The Magician combos, Ace of cups combos

In a daily tarot reading people usually pull 3 or 5 cards from the deck. Most often they check out each of the combos one after another.

Here you can find the full lists of The Magician or Ace of cups combinations, that go before and after your current combo.

Three combos per day keep suffering away.

Don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going.

An honest follow-up combo

If you don’t have a real deck of tarot cards close by, you can shuffle your cards here online.

First – shuffle the deck.

Second – open a card combo.

It’s more or less the same as if you were pulling two cards from a well-shuffled tarot deck. The deck is not stacked either in favor or against you. In other words – it is just an honest tarot card pull. Good luck!


A ridiculously unfair follow-up combo

This tarot deck is absolutely rigged against you! It is so unfair!!!

It includes all the unfavorable, bad, awful and terrible combos and just a few of the good ones.

Surprisingly, many tarot lovers like this deck. Why? They keep shuffling the deck until they find a good combo. Sometimes it takes 10 shuffles to get something decent. Sometimes it takes 50. But, in the end, once you find it, it feels like a true sign for the day. After all, it is a combo that withstood the test of iron and fire. It is finally a good sign that had been given to you by the destiny.


Alice in Wonderland choice
alice choosing a combo

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there“, said Alice in Wonderland.

There are three random combos below – three different roads to travel.

Which one would you take?

  • Get ready to feel the love rush with this exciting tarot prediction! The Eight of Wands and The Star are here to guide you towards fast-paced change and hope in your relationships. Don’t be afraid to take control and make some bold moves – it’s all in the name of progress. And with The Star shining down on you, love is in the air.

  • Unlock the Mystical Powers Behind the Ace of Cups and Ace of Pentacles that Will Lead You to Lasting Love!”


  • Attention all lovebirds: beware of the Seven of Cups/Page of Wands combo in your next reading! This indicates a risk for falling into illusion or unrealistic daydreams, which can have devastating consequences for your relationship. Learn how to avoid destructive temptations and stay on the path towards true love.

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