The Hierophant and Five of Pentacles combo interpretation

The Hierophant and Five of pentacles combination is an omen that two arcane dynamics: 1) Social Groups (from the side of The Hierophant) and 2) Poverty (from the side of Five of pentacles) govern your life decisions today especially decisions concerning any recent break-ups or financial setbacks. It could be one of those situations where you are feeling bad about a bloated phone bill that you just got in the mail. You don‘t know where you are going to get the extra money, so you turn to a trusted friend for advice, but then you are still worried. Besides, what else are you going to do when it gets that bad? Try talking to the phone company. Set up a payment plan, or just take it one thing at a time, and ask for help.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

When it comes to love and relationships, the combination of The Hierophant and Five of Pentacles is a neutral sign. It suggests that social groups and poverty are playing a role in your decisions regarding recent break-ups or financial setbacks.

The Hierophant, as an ancient Greek holy priest who interpreted esoteric principles, represents tradition and devotion in love. This card symbolizes that you and your partner or potential partner share similar feelings for each other. In my opinion, The Hierophant’s influence on love is excellent.

On the other hand, The Five of Pentacles signifies despair, misfortune struggle, low self-esteem need, pessimism – all unfavorable characteristics when it comes to love. Living with little money can change your perspective on life decisions. However, this card is not exclusive to those who are homeless or living in their car, anyone can experience loss regardless of their financial status or relationship status.

Therefore if you find yourself struggling financially or feeling undesirable after a breakup while experiencing these emotions from Five of pentacles in your relationship don’t feel bad asking for help because there may be advice available to lift your own mental attitude out of this awful black hole you have gotten yourself into.

In conclusion, ,

  • Although The Hierophant offers positive reinforcement towards relationships,
  • when combined with Five of Pentacles’ negativity around finances creates emotional turmoil making it necessary to seek help from trusted friends or professionals during such times instead of letting negative thoughts consume oneself further leading towards depression ultimately affecting personal growth negatively.

The Hierophant and Five of Pentacles combo follow-up

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