The Fool Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: I love him more than he loves me. Marriage?

The Fool is a carefree adventurer, who walks into the world with wonder and positivity. He knows the dark sides too, but he has learned that life is what you make it, and so he decides to make it bright. Yellow is the colour of happiness and spontaneity, and the Fool’s world is very yellow. With a love score of 1, this card is not an omen of attainment in love, however, it is a message to focus on the good things, and who knows, you might even find that his affection is stronger than you think.

The Magician Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: She is always too tired (you know what I mean). Does she have a lover?

With a hand in the earthly and a hand in the spiritual and with incredible willpower, the Magician has immense influence and possesses the power to make things happen. There is no indication that she is cheating, however, the spark between you might have died. If your relationship has come to a halt, it is time to come up with some new tricks. With a love score of 0, I believe that this card is neutral in love. But this is not a love-matter, but a matter of physical attraction. It is a game, which is exactly the Magician’s forte.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The key is an opener of locks. Your heart has been locked for too long, and it is time to unlock it and offer it up to those who want or need it. This could be a romantic partner, a friend, or someone in your family. Now is the time to open up to the person you have had locked out and allow them back into your heart.

Unlocking your heart will help to provide you freedom. You are the one who holds the key. You have to permit yourself to open the lock to have your space.

Your problems of the heart can be solved when you allow yourself to unlock it and grant yourself the freedom to feel love.

This card can represent love as a +2 because there is an opportunity for a great romance, but it can also lead to disappointment if you are not being open an truthful to yourself and your partner.

You are the keeper of your keys. You are in charge of making sure you have everything you need to feel happiness. Sitting idly will not suffice, you need to take action and be in control.

Once you have granted yourself the freedom to unlock yourself, you will be that much closer to your goals. Do not allow someone else to control your keys. Your destiny rests with you and you alone.

The Empress Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Embrace Your Sensitivity.

Sensitivity is a strength to be honored. You often put the needs of others before your own needs. You want to please others and bring them joy. Pleasing others makes you a hard worker. You are thorough and detail-oriented while being helpful and caring. This brings you joy and a feeling of accomplishment.

Though these are great traits, you also need to take time to put yourself first. If you do things only for others, your goals will get lost in the mix. It is okay to say no to someone else if it jeopardizes your purposes or well-being. You are more effective at helping others if you ensure your own needs are met.

Take care of your physical and mental health so that you can be there for yourself and others. Being sensitive to your needs and the needs of others is a gift to be treasured. Know your limits and respect your intuition.

Being sensitive will not hold you back. It will help you to experience things on a deeper level with a better understanding of your needs. Go forth and embrace your softer side.

This card is the best thing you can get in regards to relationships +5. It shows that you are highly desirable and people around you know that you aren’t afraid to show your sensitive side so your relationships can flourish.

The Emperor Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does he like me if we don’t talk? Please can you explain in tarot terms?

The Emperor is an authority and father figure and is usually well respected by all, but this is not the recipe for a good partner and a balanced relationship. Consider how you approach him, are you an admirer, or are you his peer? If you want him to respect you, you must act as if you know that you are on his level. With a love score of -3, this card is not usually an indication of romantic love, but rather of paternal protectiveness. If you want to change this, you must lose your insecurity and step up to be equal with him.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: The Hierophant outcome love. What?

Answer: You are a warm person with a strong mind and even stronger beliefs. It comes as no surprise that you expect the same from a love relationship, and when that cannot be brought to the table, it is enough to rip apart relationships as you drift apart.

Your spiritual beliefs are priority for you, and if the person you love does not match with you, you simply detach. If you do connect – it will be for life. Never change for anybody, no matter how tempting their smile is. Stick to what matters to you, and the right people will appear, and stay.

In my opinion, The Hierophant card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

The Lovers Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Is he married tarot? (I don’t know anything about him but I have a crush on him. I can’t stop thinking.)

Answer: Whilst he may be married, there is every chance he married too soon, and to the wrong person. This happens all the time, and it is terribly destructive to the soul of those it affects. There is a definite choice surrounding him, and you are one of them.

Whilst this has every potential to lead to the love of all loves, are you certain that you want to be someone’s consideration? You are the leading person in your own life story, you are not the supporting actor here. Stop acting as though you are.

In my opinion, The Lovers card’s score for love and relationships is 4.

The Chariot Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Now is the time to focus on your goal and do everything in your power to achieve it. Your way to success is based on your determination and what you will do to reach your goal. Find your point of strength and work from there to find the path to your goal. Be deliberate in your actions and do what needs to be done. Idleness will not do.

Do not be distracted by those who may not want to see you succeed. This is your journey, and your determination will see you through. Pay no mind to that which does not suit you so that you can continue moving forward.

Stay committed to the goal, and do not stray. Make a plan that will get you to your destination, and then stick to it regardless of any obstacles you may encounter. Make sure you review your goal frequently and realign your actions if need be to get there.

Do not give up if things do not go according to the plan right away. Plans can be altered to change with circumstances. Change the plan as often as needed until you have reached your goal.

The love score of this card is +1 because it shows a time of reflection. You need to look inward to find what you want in life. If you aren’t happy with yourself and your achievements how will you be happy in a relationship?

Strength Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: What does he feel tarot? Can you tell me precise answer.

Depicting a woman holding the jaws of a lion, the Strength card represents courage and confidence and often shows for someone who is collecting strength to accomplish something or face something which requires bravery. In love, I assign this card a score of 3, and I trust that it is a good omen in your endeavors to win his heart. But love is also like a lion, and when you make yourself vulnerable to it, there is a chance of getting bit. Your need for a PRECISE answer is an indication of your determination but also of your naivety and unpreparedness. Do not give in to love without preparing for its unpredictable nature.

The Hermit Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does my crush like me back tarot spread. Or just one card. Whatever.

Answer: They want to explore the possibility of liking you, but are struck with the attraction of being alone. They are not lonely in their own company, in fact, it is a great opportunity to blend a little introspection with some soul-searching too.

This appealing blend often leaves them withdrawn from crowds, and only getting involved when they absolutely have to. This can come with being let down in the past, and if you work at it hard enough, you may win them over.

In my opinion, The Hermit card’s score for love and relationships is 1.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Change is imminent. Change is not good or bad. It is just a change. It will be good or bad, depending on how you respond to it.

It seems the first step is always acknowledgment. Acknowledge that there is a change in your life and then determine if it is a good change or a bad change to deal with it appropriately. Even good change can cause a degree of stress.

Try to maintain your regular schedule where you can, but make adaptations where needed. As some aspects of life change, it is vital to have an anchor that will keep you grounded. Choose something from your routine that you do not want to give up despite the other things.

Healthy eating and exercise can also help you deal with and accept changes in your life. Taking care of yourself is essential no matter what the events around you may be.

Think about the positive things that will come from the changes and make that your focus. Do not fear change. Let it happen, and then decide the best process for dealing with it.

Within the relationship side of things this card is a +5. It indicates that a romantic partner is coming in and it is your time to be with someone. This can be a sudden change especially if you are used to being on your own, but don’t push it away out of fear. Just embrace it.

Justice Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Keep walking on the tightrope, balance is here. If you are unsure about a situation this shows the end is near. Make sure you’re being fair, all your choices influence the outcomes. Justice says that soon the sword will cut through any imbalance in your kingdom. There are more important things than a beautiful face. Fairness is not just on the outside but on the inside, so stay in your place.

This card scores a balanced 0. Having love in the one hand, and being open with your plan in the other. Karma will take its toll and let the flow of good and bad roll.

With the turn of this card, the scales are turning too. If you think someone is being dishonest you might find it to soon be true. There can be flaws in legality and it may seem unfair for a while but keep strong, you know right and wrong. Justice will get you through this trial. If you have been lying, it’s time to come clean. This card tells you that you are imbalanced, and your cruelty may be seen.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: I have a crush on my best friend but she has a boyfriend. What’s in the stars?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is -4 (very bad).

The Hanged man shows a situation that won’t end well for either person unless discussed. Tell her about how you feel and explain the situation. She might be in a tough position with her own relationship by not being happy anymore. Just talk about it. Even if it doesn’t exactly end how you wanted it to it is out in the open and off of your chest.

Death Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does she value my friendship? Any hints?

Answer: She values your friendship, but she also has a lot going on at the moment, and that is where her distractions lay. As she transitions from one chapter in life to another, she is awakening to the magic of letting go. Be present with her through this.

As old relationships end, and new ones begin, this does not mean you have to go anywhere. Show that she has a place in your life, and you can guarantee you will always have the same place in hers. This is about real transformation, and the release of old habits.

In my opinion, Death card’s score for love and relationships is 0.

Temperance Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does he mean what he says drunk? He said he wanted to have children with me and live in our own house. Now he is silent about it. Did he mean it or not?

Answer: What he says does not need to be actioned straight away, as far as he is concerned. Yes, he most certainly should think before he acts because you have taken his comments and made all the plans in your mind to marry and settle.

With him, he says what he wants, then works slowly towards it, hoping you would offer a little consideration for his thought and purposely steady movement. He wants it to work, and if you go too quickly, that is when mistakes are likely to happen.

In my opinion, Temperance card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

The Devil Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: He likes me but now wants to be friends? Can you tell me something?

Answer: His personality has been restricted by his dire need to maintain unhealthy addictions. He allowed the love to die because he neglected it, as he does with anything else important. This isn’t your fault, and sadly he will never change.

If someone you love isn’t willing to work on the love you created, then they are not worth your time. Friendship may be salvageable but ultimately if you want more, it is going to hurt like hell to stay the other side of their boundary. Close the chapter and move on entirely.

In my opinion, The Devil card’s score for love and relationships is -4.

The Tower Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: The Tower as advice in love. It is supposed to be very bad, right?

The tower struck down by lightning signals a major change is transpiring. But as violent as this might seem, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The tower represents everything we have built up, all our expectations and ambitions, and sometimes we can build so high, that when we sit on top of it all, it becomes our own prison from where we cannot see the ground clearly anymore. This is when an unpredictable lightning strike can make it all come crumbling down, reawakening us to reality. Whatever major change you are experiencing in your life, embrace it and make it your chance to build up something better. I give this card a score of 0 in love, as it can indicate both the end and the beginning of a relationship.

The Star Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Use your inspiration to create your success. Something has recently inspired you and motivated you. So, now is the time to act. Your motivation will awaken new possibilities.

Inspiration can be elusive so take it when it comes. Turn apathy to possibility and do what you need to do. Activate your inspiration. Capture it. Manipulate it. Use your inspiration to ensure the best outcome for your goals.

Take this moment of clarity to visualize your goals and how you will achieve them. Do not be passive. Active inspiration is creating new things, applying new ideas, and making mistakes along the way. Passive inspiration may provide ideas, but active inspiration will give you the momentum needed to reach your goals.

Rather than consume the world around you, create it. Do what makes you happy and do what drives you closer to your goals and dreams. Others can inspire you, but you must act of your own accord.

When inspiration strikes, seize it. It is crucial to take immediate action when inspiration hits. If you delay, you may lose motivation. Your routine tasks do not get you ahead – acting on inspiration will.

In a relationship this card scores +3. It is a signal to take the next step and being a bit more bold than usual. Give something new a chance and see how your creativity will flow in your relationship.

The Moon Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


What is surrounding you, may not be true. That’s the message from The Moon, be careful to not trust too soon. There are illusions in aspects of your day. If you’re willing to admit that to yourself, you’ll soon be on your way. It may be the case that life right now is rough. But admitting the truth to yourself is the best, even if it is tough. There are hidden things around you, howling in the night. But be careful and be prepared, you may need to fight.

This card scores a -1 in love. A talk is needed to feel like this conflict in your relationship can be succeeded. If you feel stuck I advise you to communicate this so that you can get out of this bad luck. Show some change and turn the page of this relationship if needed.

If the glow of the moon is turned around, you may be too deep in illusions that could make you drown. These illusions might be scary and have you in deep. But you should be careful that they don’t keep you from sleep. The secrets are going to reveal their truth to you. And at this unveiling you need to decide what to do.

The Sun Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Good fortune will be yours. Now is the time to maximize your opportunities. Sitting home alone does not do this. Go forth and try new things, and the good fortune you seek may just present itself.

Intuition helps to bring fortune to your life. Trust your intuition in your career, your relationships, and all other aspects of your life.

When you expect good fortune, it will come. Be optimistic. When you are optimistic that things will go your way, there is a better chance that they will. Have grit. Persevere. Good fortune is coming.

Cultivate a growth mindset to attract good fortune. Good fortune will come as a result of your willpower, discipline, and diligence. When you expect good fortune and practice the skills to make it a reality, it will come.

Be kind, be generous, be approachable. Good begets good.

In a relationship this card is a +3. It gives insight as to how people see you and how you communicate with others. This means that you can make any relationship work as long as you both show up to the table.

When you make good choices, the outcome is bound to be good as well. Make an effort to bring fortune into your life by ensuring you have the attitude needed to attract it.

Judgement Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The angel is passing judgement but he’s not doing it to be mean. This is a time of spiritual awakening and a time for your redemption to be seen. There is an absolute end on the other side of the door. A new way of life is waiting for you and it will make you feel rich, not poor. The trumpets are blowing, and the music is sounding. Remember to awaken your spirit and connect to the earth, it is incredibly grounding.

This card scores 0 in love. Use your intuition to bring your relationship to fruition. No matter the length this relationship offers a lot of strength. You can learn a lesson that could be the answer to an old question.

If your trumpet is upside down, it doesn’t play as well. You might be full of self-doubt and poor logic and that’s not making life swell. Are you feeling stagnant, like you’re not going anyway? Judgement says it’s time to judge yourself, that is if you dare. Don’t be too hasty, that’s why you got into this mess. But reflection and change are good, your spirituality you should address.

The World Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


You have worked hard to achieve your goals, and now that you have done so, you feel accomplished. Something you have been working on had come to completion, and it has made you feel whole.

You seem to be in the right place, doing what you were meant to do, and achieving all you have wished and hoped for in your life. It has given you a feeling of joy, and you are radiating your pleasure.

It is time to reflect on how you got here. Honor the efforts you put forth and celebrate your success. Everything that has brought you to this moment has helped you grow as a person. The trials and tribulations were worth it, and they allowed you to learn about yourself. Be grateful for what you have done.

Take time to revel in this joy. There may be more terrific projects and goals but take time to relax first. Assess where you are and make a plan for what you will do next. Take time to celebrate what you have achieved before you move on.

If you do not feel that you are have completed all you need, you are close. Keep working hard. Acknowledge the progress you have made and figure out what you need to do for the final step. Once you have wrapped everything up, you will be ready for new beginnings.

The world indicates a score of +3 in a relationship, because even if you are set for a wonderful relationship and can work hard together, your partner might feel like their needs aren’t being met and this is where communication comes in to save the day.

Two of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Did someone say, love? It is time to take the next step in your relationship. Make your love life your top priority right now.

Make time to spend with your love interest despite your busy schedule. Create a special time for bonding and sharing of mutual love. Share your mutual interests and do things you both enjoy to build on the connectivity that is forming.

This is the time to nurture the relationship and show your partner how much you care. Do something unique, and in turn, you will be surprised with special treatment too. The more you put into your relationship, the more you will receive.

If you are having difficulty accepting love, let go of the past. This love is new, and there are no strings attached. Welcome it and reciprocate it.

The blossoming romance will uplift you and remind you how to love yourself and someone else.

Consider what the next step will be. Is it time to move in together? Get engaged? Get married? Do not fear the next step, embrace it. Move forward with the one who makes your heart flutter and your knees wobble.

This card scores a +5 in love. This is highly regarded as a soulmate connection and a relationship that will be fruitful for many years to come. You and your partner are definitely in it together and are capable of working through anything together.

Three of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: She keeps coming back into my life. Signs, please.

Symbolising reunion and celebration, the Three of cups could be an indication that you both flourish when you see each other, and therefore destiny has braided your paths together.

With a love score of 4, I trust that something good will happen between you, if you let it.

Four of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Signs she will never come back.

I am sorry to tell you this, but that ship has sailed. Illustrated on the Four of cups, a man sits cross-armed under a tree refusing to take the chalice offered to him by a hand reaching out through a cloud (The hand of God or Destiny). This card suggests that apathy or lack of action has caused you to miss out on an opportunity when it was right in front of you, and now it is too late. I give this card a love score of -5 and suggest that you get back on the horse and this time ride with passion.

Five of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Wha’s Five of cups signifficance as betrayal?

In love, the Five of cups reveals abandonment and grief. If you have been betrayed in your past, this card is an indicator that you are still mourning and finding it hard to let go. With a love score of -4, this card might seem like a very pessimistic prophecy, especially to someone suffering in the aftermath of treachery, but it is not. Although we tend to project our pasts failures onto our future, things do change for the better. This card beckons you to put your past behind you and open yourself to your future so that you can receive the love and happiness it will bring.

Six of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: How can I get him interested in me? Something sensible, please.

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +5 (excellent).

Six of cups in one of the soulmate cards. It shows that to get him interested in you, you should be you. Show your caring side, be a good friend open up your personality around him and be confident. Give him the sense that you are a wonderful person capable of looking after him and loving him. Keep your cards open.

Seven of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: I’ve opened seven of cups two times in a row. I’m single. What does it mean for future love?

Opening the same card twice is a sign of a powerful message trying to get across, and I believe that the Seven of cups is bidding to answer a question that you for long have yearned to have answered, are you going to find love? The answer is a clear YES, the Seven of cups is a red glowing indication of opportunity, decisions being made, and dreams being realized. I give this card a love score of 4, a great assurance for someone wishing for love to strike.

Eight of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


It may be time to walk away from people or things that are no longer serving you. Despite the effort you have put in, things are not going as planned, and it may be time to put some things behind you rather than keep hoping for something that may not happen. When you no longer benefit from a situation, it is time to move on. It may bring sadness, but it will be for the best in the end as new opportunities present themselves.

You will need to deal with the emotions that you are having so that you can move on. Avoidance will not serve you now.

It is time to consider things that would bring you joy and work toward new goals that will serve you better. Consider what will make you feel fulfilled and create a new plan to get there.

In regards to love this card is a -4 it is time to let go of this person. The situation won’t get any better because so much has already suffered under it.

You will have to realign your goals with your values so that you can manifest your true desires. Make a vision board to have a reminder of your dreams that will motivate you to let go of the things that don’t work and adopt habits that do!

Nine of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


You’ve been walking a long road, one that you thought might never end. But never fear, your destination is near, it is just around the bend. There have been sacrifices and tough choices that you’ve made. Soon you’ll see it was worth it when you have self-satisfaction and are no longer afraid. This card brings you pleasantries and joy in large amounts. Now is the time to make your wish for it will surely come about.

This card scores a +4 in love. Take the next step and use it as time to prep. Your relationship awaits new success, if you take the time to progress.

If they are reversed, then your cups are not full. You may be looking for something new in life as your normal routine is dull. No matter if you reach your goal, you’ll always say that something is missing. That’s understandable but look in your mind maybe your thoughts are the snake that’s hissing. There is quality around you, though it may be hard to see. You might need to look at your spirituality and find out what it really is that you need to be as content as can be.

Ten of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: He says “I miss you a lot”. OK. What’s the meaning? What will you open for me?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +5 (excellent).

Ten of cups indicate that this person is in love with you to the point of infatuation. He misses you and cares for you. It means he really is in love with you. If you are in a relationship with this person it seems as though you have a relationship which is deemed everlasting or “true love”. If you are single this is a person who is ready to start a fulfilling relationship with you and grow with you as a person.

Page of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The page is inspiring and wants you to open up your mind. If you follow those ideas that have been coming to you then happiness you will surely find. These thoughts you may be having might not be entirely expected. But that’s okay they’re still valid and you should let them be accepted. An adventure awaits you if you’re willing to see them through. If there is something that has got in the way of your dreams, then you shouldn’t let it stop you it’s not as hard as it seems.

This card scores a +2 in love. Someone is coming up to fill your cup. A new love interest will come in with a lot of trust. Have some fun and you might find the one.

In reverse you may be confused and scratching your head for answers. There’s a creative block that’s stopping your passion whether you’re an artist or a freelancer. You might not even be creative because it’s your career. Even as a hobby you should remember the happiness and joy those projects bought you and remember that feeling is still near. Getting through this block is not as hard as it seems. Now go and bring your projects to life, the ones that were in your dreams.

Knight of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


You are boldly aware of your emotions right now, and you may be wearing them on your sleeve. You are good at showing compassion and understanding, which will attract others into your life, wanting to be a part of your inner circle.

You are inspired by creativity and everything beautiful around you. You have had a dream about the life you want to create for yourself, and you are ready to move forward with your ideas.

Explore things about which you are passionate and pursue new ideas and activities that interest you.

Your decisions right now are ruled by your emotions and your heart. You make decisions based on feelings rather than thought while your intuition guides you. Proceed with caution as your emotions are not always in control. Making decisions based on emotions may make you appear irrational to others.

Now, it is crucial to make balanced choices. Listen to both your heart and your mind before moving forward. Acknowledge feelings and logic at the same time, so you don’t end up getting burned.

Regarding love this card scores a +2 because even though it can bring in a lot of joy, you are very emotional now and might perceive things differently than you would if you thought more logically.

Queen of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: My husband told me he doesn’t want to be married any more. What now?

Answer: Your kind heart will likely forgive and respect him for making a decision that kept him true to his values. Sadly in life, as you are all too aware, your values can change, and as strong as you are, you now want to be able to find someone who is in line with you.

There is a supportive break up ahead, with the pair of you leaving on good terms. This is rare, and perhaps you will remain as friends. Either way, you can now look at your emotions and decide which lucky man is going to be the next recipient of them.

In my opinion, Queen of cups card’s score for love and relationships is 3.

King of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


You have mastered your emotions and creativity. You may have experienced a lot lately, but you have been able to conquer your feelings and accept what is. You may experience the occasional surprise that would typically have thrown your emotions out of control. You have matured enough to stay away from dramatic situations and take a calm and balanced approach to problems.

You will have to hold onto your emotional maturity, even if you experience negative energy from others. Be true to your boundaries and do not allow others to play with your emotions. You may need to rely on your intellect to make decisions rather than letting your feelings guide your thoughts and deeds. Remain true to yourself and do not allow others to change your values and morals.

You are strong-willed and will reach your goals but not at the expense of others. You treat everyone on your team equally and give credit where credit is due. Logic and emotion are at a balance in your life.

You are compassionate and able to form strong bonds with others. You will have many relationships based on patience and understanding. Be patient with others and help them on their journey to figure out their emotions as well. Someone may require your guidance, and you are at a point in your life where you will be able to offer it freely.

In terms of love this card is a +3 it shows someone who is bold and open about their emotions. This person could be opening up their emotions to you and showing you who they really are. This requires a lot of patience and communication.

Ace of cups Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Why does he like me even though I’m fat? Can it be love?

Even if it is hard to believe, love is in the air. With a love score of 5, the Ace of cups is an excellent omen of success in a relationship, and for someone who is single, usually suggests that a partner is at the doorstep.

Depicted on the Ace of cups is a hand offering a chalice overflowing with water. The white dove above it is a common symbol of freedom, love, and purity, and points to the content in the chalice as to say, these are the qualities of this water, if you drink it, this is what you will have. Do not let your insecurities stand in the way of love, accept it, it will help you love yourself better.

Two of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: When he says he needs space from you. Now what will happen? Any hints?

Depicted on the Two of pentacles a man is juggling two coins, symbolizing his ability to juggle things in life. Surrounded by the infinity sign, his ability to be resourceful, adapt, and playful even through challenges, is a skill that will be consistent in everything he does. The waves behind him symbolize the ups and downs of life, but unlike the ships on the ocean, the juggler is not affected by the changing conditions, because he adapts. Giving this card a love score of -4, this card represents individuality and freedom, characteristics that might make someone a less dependable partner whose need for their own space, might stand in the way of a fully committed relationship.

Three of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Should I block my ex on social media? Something sensible, please.

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +3 (good).

The three of pentacles indicate that you should keep away from him and remove all traces of him in your life. It is time to move on and find someone who will respect you. You might have already thought about blocking him and only needed confirmation. If he is bothering you then remove him.

Four of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: He said, “do you love me?” I said, “only partly”. It was spontaneous. What do I feel? Can you tell me something?

Depicting a man holding two pentacles with two five-pointed stars, this card represents the mind in the divine with the feet planted firmly on the ground. Scoring -2 in love, this can be an indication of instability or insecurity. When we speak without thinking, our subconsciousness sometimes finds a voice, but sometimes we also blurt out things we do not mean. Clear your head and look at the foundation on which your relationship is built, is it strong? You have the power now to build on top of it or tear it down before a tremor makes it crumble.

Five of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Times are hard. But remember, this too shall pass. You may have experienced a loss recently, your job, your home, or some form of financial security.

It is time to buckle down and make a plan to get past the hardship.

Financial stress is difficult, but you will get through it. Start by identifying the most important things. Make sure your mortgage or rent is paid and decide which bills need to come first. Make a list of all of your expenses so that you can tackle the problem instead of ignoring it.

It can be hard not to feel stress, but it is important to stay positive and find a way. Be realistic about what you can do about it and face the problem head-on.

Cut out expenses that are unnecessary and put all of your income to use to get out of the situation. Make yourself a budget and stick to it so that you can get on solid ground again. Make a plan and when you reach your goal, treat yourself. Getting out of financially difficult times can be challenging, but it is doable.

Take a few deep breaths and make your plan.

This card scores a +3 in love. Even when financial troubles are strong you and your partner work through it. You have great communication and can work through anything together if you put your minds to it.

Six of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Can you explain me what six of pentacles means as action?

Answer: With any action there is a feeling that you are neglecting something. It could be that the person you are drawn to is a generous soul, who likes to offer what they have to those who are missing out. You see it as charity, whereas they see it as kindness.

Don’t assume that anybody wants to be with you because they feel sorry for you. Throwing breadcrumbs at your feet as though you are some kind of peasant could not be further from the truth. Their love is real, but you just don’t see it that way.

In my opinion, Six of pentacles card’s score for love and relationships is 1.

Seven of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Seven of pentacles card in love?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +3 (good).

Seven of pentacles represents a couple that needs a lot of open communication and a need for reassurance. You can have a flourishing relationship if you take the time to nurture it with patience and honesty. There will be a lot of work from both people in the relationship which can lead to a fulfilled partnership.

Eight of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Sorry for a stupid question. What does eight of pentacles mean as feelings for a teen? I’m heartbroken.

Answer: This is the prime age where learning really comes into your life, and that includes all areas that you are dealing with .These rushes of hormones are designed to take you by surprise and offer you little in terms of reassurance, but remember – they are dealing with the same thing.

Love and relationships are difficult to manoeuvre in these years due to the influx of feelings and changes occurring. There is nothing to worry about, as these are the years you explore your curiosity with as little judgement as possible.

In my opinion, Eight of pentacles card’s score for love and relationships is -1.

Nine of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Is my true love gone or I will surely find another? Omen?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +4 (very good).

The nine of pentacles is a fantastic omen to get regarding finding true love. It indicates that although you have had good relationships in the past, you haven’t found your true love yet. You might have everything you want or need at the moment but that doesn’t mean that you have found the love of your life. There is someone that will come in and sweep you off of your feet without you realising it. Just be patient with the universe on this one.

Ten of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Is it normal to not be friends with your ex? Tell me something sensible, please.

Representing family and heritage, the Ten of pentacles draws attention to the 10 encircled stars, spread across a family setting. An ancient symbol of the divine world, and humans’ ability to connect with it, the fact that there are 10 of them, emphasizes the spiritual message of this card. Your ex was once your family, and family is connected by a holy bond, but unlike blood-relations, the bond between partners can break and the holy connection dissolve. Yes, it is perfectly normal to not be friends with your ex, for the kind of love which held you together, is largely dependent on loyalty, and your loyalty broke the day you guys split up. This card scores -1 in love.

Page of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Welcome new beginnings into your life and see where it takes you. You may feel inspired to start a new project or venture.

You are aware of both the value of your money and your time. Make sure you are investing both wisely. Taking care of what you have will lead you to more incredible wealth and happiness. Welcome new opportunities that will help to turn your dreams into reality.

Work on manifesting your goal or dream in whatever way works for you. Remain excited about the possibilities and do what you need to do to reach the goal. You know that you can create the future you want when you select the right opportunities and ventures.

Make a clear and focused plan that you will be able to carry out. Focus on what you need to do and keep moving forward. Do not accept opportunities that will not help you to achieve the final goal.

You are ready to take the next steps and learn new skills to help you reach your goal. Do not hesitate any longer. Be a lifelong learner and accept opportunities that will encourage and enhance your personal growth.

This card scores +2 in love. It shows trying new things and meeting new people. Not always a definite relationship but possibly a friendship that can grow into a relationship. This can teach you a lot about yourself.

Knight of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Will he contact me if I leave him alone? I need a sign.

You have opened the Knight of pentacles a card which represents hard work and competence. The King on his horse is holding a pentacle, a symbol of an alliance between the divine and the earthly, or between the rationale and passionate. This card scores 5 in love and I believe your exertion to give him space will yield much longed-for affection.

Queen of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The queen is happiest when surrounded by her family and friends. She is down to earth and puts less effort into just following trends. This woman is secure with money but doesn’t show it off. She is often seen by others as a mother who will shower you with love. Whoever this queen is in your life they want you to do well. They see that you can achieve great heights and feats that will leave you feeling swell.

This card scores +3 in love. There is a great understanding between two parties about communicating, things are open for all to see, that not everything is really as hard as it seems. Effort is always first priority, whether that is for you as a person or a dual party. Just be open and don’t be hasty. Things will work out as long as you’re not faking.

In reverse the queen’s power has gone to her head. She is self-absorbed and thinks that she cannot be led. If the want for physical things outweighs the need for love. Then the queen will become greedy and needy laughing from her tower above. Priorities have been misplaced that may have caused you to be uprooted. But in opening yourself up to people you can stop yourself from being putrid.

King of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Will she come back?

Answer: You are a strong lover, and you want what you want, but sometimes you have no control over whether you will get it. You can throw money at it, or shine it all you want, but if her heart isn’t in it, there is little hope you will see a happy ending.

Of course, you can disperse your moods of negativity and balance work a little more to make time to show her that she is appreciated. If she is the one, make her feel like the one. It is only then you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

In my opinion, King of pentacles card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

Ace of pentacles Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


This suit is one of new beginnings and the ace indicates some gain. It may not be financial, but it is likely material or maybe even sensual to relieve some pain. Stability and security will come your way, but they do need to be nurtured. If you invest in this then you will surely help it to mature. You need to be ready for some opportunities that are to come. If you aren’t ready and don’t accept them into your life then soon they will be gone.

This card scores a +2 in love. You’re invited to start a new relationship which will lead to lots of excitement. You never know what could be waiting around the corner. Give it a chance it might give you a fun change of plans.

In reverse there are still opportunities, but you may need to be cautious. It may be a bad investment so even if you’ve reached stability don’t get cocky and obnoxious. To any choices that may be placed in front of you I will say to take some time and think it through. There may be some fine print that you have missed which could come back to get you if you don’t see the truth.

Two of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: What does it mean when you miss your boyfriend?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +5 (excellent).

The two of wands show that you two are very committed to each other. You are missing him because it is a natural instinct to miss someone you love and have a strong bond with. It isn’t a bad thing, it shows how well your relationship is.

Three of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


This card says every step you take is done with conviction. The reason for this is you’ve taken your time and you’re rewarded for dedication. Whilst you have your plan and it’s a good one to take, you should be aware that new opportunities might just be at stake. If they’re not for you, well that’s fine too just remember to be aware. New things might be better than your plan even if you have to step out of your comfort zone and be a little scared.

This card scores +2 in love. Keep focus on your love life as it is sure to thrive when well looked after. You have come a long way and things should stay that way. Be focussed and hold your head high for great things will come to you if you keep an eye on the prize.

If this card is reversed, then your road is blocked. It might be because of obstacles or you just ended up at the wrong stop. But don’t fret, your work isn’t for nothing. You’ve been strong in your travels and that surely is something. The plans that you have may need to be altered. But please don’t let these changes make you scared and falter.

Four of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Signs she’s cheating on you, long-distance relationship? Any signs?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +5 (excellent).

Four of wands show a harmonious and wonderful relationship. She is completely faithful and loyal to you and is constantly thinking of you. She is committed to you even though you are far apart and will not trust anyone else with her heart as long as you are together.

Five of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does he really like me or is he just using me for sex? True answer?

Answer: There is no empathy in his heart, and as much as you might want him to love you, the simple answer is that he does not. He wants you in the most selfish way. With his shallow ways comes the drama of him making you an option rather than a sure choice.

One way of affirming his less than desirable opinion of relationships is his obsession with disagreeing with you, almost gaslighting you. There is nothing here for you that exudes any kind of healthy and stable union, so the best thing to do is let him go.

In my opinion, Five of wands card’s score for love and relationships is -2.

Six of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


This card shows you’re victorious and people recognise your strength. You’ve achieved your goals and you’re allowed to celebrate completing all of your lengths. Before there was confusion but now that has faded into success. With your clear mind your goals have been achieved up to and in excess. However, confidence is good but don’t let it fog your mind. You may become egotistical and people might no longer see you as kind.

I love this card has a +2 score. A brilliant person might come your way, they are insightful, passionate and will always stay. This person has an eye on you, be bold and try to make the first move.

In reverse you may be struggling to find your completed goal. But this lack of confidence will only hold you back and it is not good for your soul. If you feel overlooked, then maybe it’s time to give yourself a boost. You can call on your pride and keep your head high, don’t go back and hide in your roost. Find the people who support you when you’re in need. If you say how you’re feeling then surely they’ll understand and help you as a good deed.

Seven of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does he have romantic feelings for me? I want a card that tells me something good.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you wish for it, you cannot dictate the outcomes of tarot readings, or be certain that they will tell you what you want to hear. But let’s look at your card. You have opened the Seven of wands, a representation of assertiveness and stamina. Just like your question demonstrates, this card indicates that you have a strong will and are not afraid of demanding. You are a person of strong principles, and you fight for what you believe in. With a score of 3 in love, this card foresees victory.

Eight of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Go with the flow and accept what comes your way. Things are happening at a rapid speed, but there is no need to worry. Everything is going in the right direction. You will feel busy and perhaps a little overwhelmed, but that is okay. Use this momentum that has been created to reach for your goals and achieve them a little sooner.

Focus your attention on the tasks that will take you closer to your goal. Do not get sidetracked because of the whirlwind of activity. Set your sights on the tasks you need to do and then get them done. We will feel productive and accomplished if you can focus.

Finishing your current project will allow time for upcoming things that will be exciting and exhilarating. Your energy and ideas will flow, and you will achieve a lot in a short period.

Just remember to focus on one goal at a time and then move on to the next, so you do not end up with too much on your plate at once.

Within a relationship this card scores a +1 as it might be time to try new things. Especially if you feel like your current relationship isn’t moving forward this is the right time to engage in some new opportunities.

Nine of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: What does a guy think when he kisses you?

Answer: It takes courage for any man to make the first move, but usually once the kiss occurs, they are thinking about how they’ve scored – like it is some kind of football match. They don’t see you as a person, they see you as just another number.

If you want to feel truly loved in life, you have to seek out the right man for you. He does exist, and will not use to to gain another notch on his bed post. Be persistent and persevere, and your ideal man will present himself to you, as long as you do not keep your guard up.

In my opinion, Nine of wands card’s score for love and relationships is -2.

Ten of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Ten of wands card in love?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is 0 (not good or bad).

The ten of wands is kind of like a message of warning. You are too busy with work and neglecting your partner. It’s time to take a break from things that are causing you to lose focus on your relationship or will cause you to have issues with your partner. It could also signify that you should stop making excuses to meet new people and just get out there and do it.

Page of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: How do I know he’s not the one for me? I don’t like him and it’s a toxic relationship, but I just can’t get over him. Can give some kind of idea?

Answer: You know you deserve better, but when all you have ever known is how to apply affection to those who treat you with disdain and disrespect, you need to start questioning your own values and choices instead of those of whom you pick to love.

If the same patterns are repeated, then there is a serious flaw in your decision-making process. Discover your potential and see that you are absolutely worth it and more, and the right person will show up almost immediately. This is proof you have the X Factor.

In my opinion, Page of wands card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

Knight of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: When you feel a connection with someone do they feel it too?

Answer: Connections can happen at the snap of a finger, and they usually end just as quickly. You like to make clear decisions in love, but your energy dwindles quickly and you soon become entangled with those who you share a past with, for the sake of ease.

If you want to maintain a connection, the best thing would be to grow up first. You are nobody’s hero all the while you are lacking in thought. Charm wears off, and what needs to be left to sustain a true love is loyalty and personality.

In my opinion, Knight of wands card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

Queen of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Own your power and be a warrior. You have courage and determination that will see you through the next phase of your life. Even if you face challenges, you will see yourself through.

Use your strengths to your advantage to achieve your goals. Your optimism is contagious, and others will want to know your ideas. Your enthusiasm may even encourage them to take part in your journey.

Staying determined and focused will help you now. Do not be afraid of your power and abilities. It is time to set them out in the world. Believe in yourself enough to get it done. Speak up, and others will listen.

Even when life is busy, you have time for others. People see you as a leader who is inspirational and vibrant. Your power also helps to instil confidence in others as they take up your torch and follow the trail you are blazing.

You can win others over with your positive, go-get-’em attitude. People are attracted to your energy and self-assured ways. Use this to your benefit to create your tribe and move forward with them. Be ready for the positive changes you will help to make.

In relationships this card would score +4 as it shows a fun person who is able to show you their whole personality and will love you as much as you love them. This is a very adventurous type of relationship with great attraction physically and energetically.

Do not hide any part of yourself from others. You may have something that you do not usually share, but now is a good time for honesty and expression. Others will appreciate that you can also feel vulnerable.

King of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The king is a problem solver, and his energy is pure. This might reflect you or someone else in your life of that you can be sure. A natural born leader sits on the throne and is always inspired by ideas. He may not create them himself, but he likes to evolve them and present solutions to his peers. There is a goal whether you have it now or it will come to you soon. But your persistent personality won’t give up until your goal is achieved and blooms.

This card scores +3 in love. Being bold can let people know that you won’t fold. Your love is limitless and you are fuelled by interest. Don’t be afraid to be confident and show your desires when it comes relationships.

If the king is reversed, then his power has turned into pure arrogance. This can mean there is aggression when achieving his goals and it can in fact be a hindrance. Maybe it’s time to reflect on yourself and look at how you’ve been acting. You may not have realised your arrogance is showing especially if people aren’t reacting. Everyone has aspects of themselves that are strong and weak. But being aggressive and manipulative just makes you seem cruel and meek.

Ace of wands Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: I can’t make up my mind about my relationship. Do you have a suggestion?

Answer: When past hurt isn’t let go, it usually runs at a faster speed than we do, so it has the ability to catch up with us. New feelings are often a stark reminder that we have not released past infidelity and allowed our hearts to heal, and this is the case for you.

When you go through intense healing, you face difficult emotions that can be painful to digest. These need to occur in order to be in a new relationship. Be creative in your thoughts and know that you are able to do anything you set your mind to.

In my opinion, Ace of wands card’s score for love and relationships is 2.

Two of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


You feel like your loyalty is divided and that you are caught in the middle of something.

Maintain transparency so that everyone knows where you stand. Do not let one side or the other try to influence you. That means that you are caught up in mind games. Let people know that you wish to remain neutral so that you are not caught in the middle of something that is not your concern.

Do not play favorites in the situation. Playing favorites will build barriers that will put you in the middle if you are not careful.

This card scores a 0 in love as it isn’t good or bad. It just indicates that there is a balance needed between to people. See both sides of the picture and communicate feelings directly.

This is a time to be careful with your words. Think about what you will say and to whom, so you do not appear to be taking sides. Do not allow someone to involve you in a situation by tricking you into being a participant.

Maintain your neutrality and try to support both sides, rather than ending up in the middle. Show that you are trustworthy. Do not get involved in a “he said” “she said” battle. If you are conversing with both sides in a dispute, keep the conversations private. You can support both sides without having to get involved.

Three of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


This card you may know, is the one of true heartbreak. It might be a breakup or a betrayal, but your soul is sure to ache. I’m sorry to pass this news to you but sometimes life is bad. But this card is preparing you so you can think this through and minimise the pain you might have had. This card is still here to remind you that loss is something we all go through. But that’s a normal part of life and it helps you to see the joy that is around you too.

This card scores -5 in love. Heartbreak is on the way, this isn’t something you can put in a nice way. This relationship has no other fate than the saddening weight of a love gone sour. There is no positive way out except to accept that things sometimes don’t work.

If this card is flipped then it indicates that the hurt has already happened. You might still find yourself wrapped in pain and sorrow with your soul still being dampened. This card is here to remind you that you can move on and keep going like you planned. If you keep living in the past and focusing on your sorrow, then you might miss that extended helping hand.

Four of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


It is time to recharge. You have been working hard and do not seem to be making any progress. Your energy is low, and you need to refuel before you can finish your projects.

Recharging may mean sleeping more, practicing yoga, or meditating. It may mean a staycation or a quick weekend get-a-way. Do what you need to do to be refreshed and attack life again when you are at your best.

It is essential to recharge physically and mentally. Take care of your body and your mind. Making small changes can help realign yourself so that you are not tired and can focus on what you need to do.

In a love reading this card scores +1 as it seems a relationship is taking rest. It is a time to rest and rethink about the situation that happened between you two. Don’t make hasty decisions just be patient and let guidance come to you.

To recharge, you will need a combination of rest and play. Take some time alone but also take some time with the people you love. There is nothing more fulfilling than loving and being loved. Take care of your health while you take a little break from the constant busyness, and you will be ready to tackle everything full force again.

Do not try to tackle everything without allowing time for breaks and recovery. Your body and mind need a break first. Take the break, and you will notice how much more productive you can be.

Five of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: How does he feel about me? Five of swords keeps coming up.

Answer: He is not interested in the conflict you bring to the relationship. He has seldom energy for arguments, and wants to avoid being bullied at all costs, and this is how he feels when he is around you. Negativity that is so sudden can be incredibly damaging.

He may have thought you were special, and that losing you was a process he had to endure for some time, but a bad relationship is a bad relationship, and he let go. It is best left now, so that you can move on and he can find someone who he connects with in a healthy way.

In my opinion, Five of swords card’s score for love and relationships is -4.

Six of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Tarot card reading will he come back?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is +1 (slightly positive).

The six of swords shows that he might need some time for himself. He should actively work on himself as a person before jumping into a relationship. He has too much going on and he can’t communicate his feelings as he should. If he comes back you shouldn’t jump into something, either way, he can’t give you the relationship you need till he is a better person on his own.

Seven of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


There is deception if this card appears that may be from you or someone else. But it says that this betrayal won’t go unnoticed or simply put on a shelf. Consequences have to be faced for the sneaky actions that have been done. You can’t navigate your way through the maze of swords to escape your trial and be gone. It might be instinct to run but the secrets that you keep will haunt you as you go. If it is someone else, then be wary and let your opinions be known.

This card score -5 in love. Deception, lies or even betrayal, these are how relationships fail. Leave this dishonest partner, and I’m certain you’ll go farther. Trust your gut in this situation, because you don’t want to end up with a false accusation.

In reverse this card relies on the others in the reading. Depending on them card then this one can have different meanings. You might need to change your approach to your goals for one reason or another. You might have to much power or you could be being betrayed by another. There is time for renewal and changing your ways whatever they might be. It’s time to collaborate with those around you and get rid of the division of you and me.

Eight of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: Does he like me signs (coworker)? Can you open a card for me plz?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is -1 (not good).

The eight of swords show that someone is starting to have feelings for you, but they are very anxious. They don’t want to be in a relationship because they fear being wrong or causing fights. This person should definitely work on themselves and get out of that negative mindset before committing to someone. So yes he could like you but due to fear, he is trying to shy away from it. They don’t want to actively participate in a relationship but rather hang around and let someone control everything.

Nine of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: What does nine of swords mean as intentions?

Answer: Excess negativity leads to breaking point – so intentions are non-existent. There has been far too much sadness and mistrust to even summon the desire to want a relationship, or to even discuss the possibility of having one. Times are unsettling, and there is too much focus on the past.

When distress is this high, there aren’t any immediate solutions. Depression sets in, and anxiety soars, all leading to broken relations left, right and centre. The worry of being alone will keep you up at night unless you take drastic action.

In my opinion, Nine of swords card’s score for love and relationships is -5.

Ten of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The end of something important has caused pain in your life.

You may have lost someone close to you, or you may have lost your job. The abrupt end may have been a surprise, and it has left you questioning everything. Nothing seems to have permanence anymore.

You may be feeling like your world is falling apart, and you need to take time to grieve. Things are uncertain, and you are not sure what to do next. You find it hard to trust anyone or anything right now.

You feel betrayed and are examining your relationships. It is time to choose who should remain in your life and who no longer has a place. Losing a relationship is hard, but you will need to make a move so that you will not be hurt in the same way over and over again.

You choose how you respond to people and situations. Do not be a victim. It is time to move forward with your life, with or without some people in it.

You need to let go and accept the circumstances. You will need to make some changes so that you can move forward and start fresh. In doing so, you will not experience the same pain again. It may not be an easy move, but you have the strength to do it. Only by letting go of the past will you be able to focus on the new future.

In love this card scores -5. It can indicate an end to a relationship or circumstances. This isn’t bad, but it can feel horrible in the moment. Don’t take it as a sad situation, but as an opportunity to learn what the universe is trying to teach you.

Learn from what has happened and take that lesson with you.

Page of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


The page is a news bearer that may bring you tales of emotional means. This can be good but remember to keep your eyes and mind alert and keen. Is there an idea you’ve cooked up in your mind that you cannot wait to start? That is great to hear but you may not be moving despite the passion in your heart. It’s time to talk to those around you about your plans. They’ll be there for you and help you move forward by holding your hand.

This card scores +3 in love. Break bad habits and feel the cycle change from scared to being prepared. Things will flow like water, growing you garden of love for the new season of love. This is the season of change.

In reverse the other side of the page is about to show. There is negativity in the personality that may reflect in your own lows. Deception and manipulation are coming out, the page might be someone else, or even you. They are likely to lash out and not realise their actions will come back to haunt them too. If you promise someone something, make sure to stick to it. Empty words will come back to bite you usually by the person that you’ve bit.

Knight of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: I still love my ex should I tell him? What’s written in my stars?

The Knight of swords is impulsive and bold, and sometimes he jumps into things without thinking. But you are giving things a thought before you do something you might regret. By my interpretation, this card scores -3 in love and should be regarded as a sign of standing back rather than getting involved. I think you broke up for a reason.

Queen of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


This is one of the older and wiser queens that you may come across. But this wisdom may make her seem cold like a stern boss. She says don’t make judgement with your heart alone. If you add logic to your emotions the judgement will be more sensible than using either on their own. You should also take some time alone when you are making your decision. You’re own independent intelligence is strong and has plenty of precision.

This card scores +2 in love. State your intentions to be clear as day, show that you’re not here to play. Be honest and open to your partner. A clear state of mind and by being fair and kind will help you in tough situations.

In reverse the queen is telling you to stop thinking with your heart. Your emotional quandary won’t stop, and your goal won’t be able to start. Objective thoughts are something you’re lacking, and you need to get that back. Centre on your mind, let your emotions relax and for once cut your heart some slack. You may wish to isolate yourself right now, but that isn’t the way to go as it will only strain the relationships you hold close to your soul.

King of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: King of swords for ex.

Answer: Your relationship fell apart because your ex was unable to listen or compromise. All problems were met with lack of emotion or desire to communicate effectively, even though you yourself had the clarity to see solutions to what you were going through.

This type of closed-mindedness caused arguments, and fractious connections, and with one person being a good listener and the other refusing to budge, there was only really one outcome. Love existed, but this partnership was not meant to be.

In my opinion, King of swords card’s score for love and relationships is -1.

Ace of swords Tarot Card Reading (love and relationships)


Question: L’amour en danger should I stay or should I go?

Answer: In my opinion, the love and relationship score for this card is 0 (not good or bad).

The Ace of swords indicates being open to communicating. If you feel like something is wrong speak your feelings. There is no way over things you need to go through them. If your partner does something that is bugging you or stresses you out. Take your peace and leave. There is no reason to stay in a situation that isn’t working for you both.