Six of Cups and Page of Cups combo interpretation

Six of cups and Page of cups tarot combination indicates that two tarot influences: 1) Familiarity and 2) Creative Opportunities have influence on you at this moment. In other words, it means you are drawing inspiration from your past. What’s the advice of this pair? You may feel as if someone or something from the past is important again, as indicated by the Six of cups. This feeling of nostalgia is causing you to turn towards what is familiar, because you find it grounding. The Page of cups is a card of communication. This trip down memory lane may mean that someone from your past might reach out to you, perhaps with a new opportunity that will stir your creativity. Use your discernment if this conversation happens. The Page of cups sometimes spins a good yarn without much substance behind it. Make sure things are what they seem before you commit to anything.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

The Six of cups and Page of cups combination in love and relationships signifies a mix of familiarity with creative opportunities. It suggests that you are being influenced by your past memories, causing you to seek comfort in what is familiar. This could also mean that someone from your past may reach out to you, presenting new opportunities for creativity.

The Six of Cups emphasizes the importance of nostalgia and innocence in matters related to love. It represents romance, abundance, children, and home – all positive aspects associated with love. However, it also warns against getting lost in the perfect memory lane as it can hinder progress towards the present and future.

On the other hand, the Page of Cups indicates a favorable influence on love. It advises playing it cool while keeping an air of mystery around yourself when pursuing someone romantically. The card presents a +3 reading which means there is a high likelihood that things will go well if one remains patient.

In conclusion, when these two cards appear together in a tarot reading regarding love and relationships, they suggest taking inspiration from past experiences while remaining open to new opportunities for growth both creatively and emotionally. While reminiscing about happy memories can bring comfort during tough times, caution must be taken not to get stuck in them entirely but instead use them as stepping stones towards creating happier ones ahead.

Six of Cups and Page of Cups combo follow-up

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In a daily tarot reading people usually pull 3 or 5 cards from the deck. Most often they check out each of the combos one after another.

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Alice in Wonderland choice
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“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there“, said Alice in Wonderland.

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