Seven of Swords and Ten of Wands combo interpretation

Seven of swords and Ten of wands combo gives you intuition about your actual state and close future. It is influenced by the arcane forces of Deception and Burden. What’s the advice of this pair? The Seven of swords represents high levels of mental stress that can lead to anxiety or even paranoia. You may feel as if people are against you, but it isn’t true. This card indicates that there is something in your mind that needs to be examined more closely so you can get out from under a burden (the Ten of wands). Perhaps someone has been spreading rumors or maybe they have told on you to an authority figure like your parents or teachers. Whatever the case, take some time away from these situations for yourself so you can think clearly again before deciding what to do next.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

Greetings, young one. You seek guidance on the Seven of swords and Ten of wands combination in matters of love and relationships. These cards hold great significance as they are influenced by the arcane forces of Deception and Burden.

The Seven of swords indicates mental stress that can lead to anxiety or paranoia. It suggests that there is something in your mind that needs to be examined closely so you can overcome a burden represented by the Ten of wands. Perhaps someone has spread false rumors about you or told an authority figure lies about you, causing undue stress.

In matters of love, the Seven of swords signifies betrayal by those closest to you, leading to regret and bitterness. However, it is important to remain empathetic instead of being vindictive towards others. Forgiveness is a greater sign of strength.

The Ten of wands represents goal completion but also exhaustion from overexertion and burnout. In a relationship dynamic, this card asks for recuperation and reflection on commitments made recently. Love does not have to be complicated or arduous for it to work, fine-tune efforts according to what supports both partners best.

Therefore, my wise counsel would be for you to take some time away from any stressful situations affecting your mental well-being so you can think clearly again before deciding what actions need taking next in your relationship journey. Remember that rejuvenation is necessary for growth and success in all aspects of life – including love!

Seven of Swords and Ten of Wands combo follow-up

Seven of swords combos, Ten of wands combos

In a daily tarot reading people usually pull 3 or 5 cards from the deck. Most often they check out each of the combos one after another.

Here you can find the full lists of Seven of swords or Ten of wands combinations, that go before and after your current combo.

Three combos per day keep uncertainty away.

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An honest follow-up combo

If you don’t have a real deck of tarot cards close by, you can shuffle your cards here online.

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It’s more or less the same as if you were pulling two cards from a well-shuffled tarot deck. The deck is not stacked either in favor or against you. In other words – it is just an honest tarot card pull. Good luck!


A ridiculously unfair follow-up combo

This tarot deck is absolutely rigged against you! It is so unfair!!!

It includes all the unfavorable, bad, awful and terrible combos and just a few of the good ones.

Surprisingly, many tarot lovers like this deck. Why? They keep shuffling the deck until they find a good combo. Sometimes it takes 10 shuffles to get something decent. Sometimes it takes 50. But, in the end, once you find it, it feels like a true sign for the day. After all, it is a combo that withstood the test of iron and fire. It is finally a good sign that had been given to you by the destiny.


Alice in Wonderland choice
alice choosing a combo

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there“, said Alice in Wonderland.

There are three random combos below – three different roads to travel.

Which one would you take?

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