Seven of Swords and Four of Pentacles combo interpretation

Seven of swords and Four of pentacles tarot combination means that two tarot influences: (1) Betrayal and (2) Hoarding govern your life decisions today. After feeling left with very little, it is normal to try to clutch desperately onto what you have left. But you must remember that the short end of the stick can eventually become the long end of the stick with patience. You will be feeling aggressive and defensive in your mannerisms today. Take caution in taking this out on the wrong people.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

Well, my dear, it seems that the combination of Seven of Swords and Four of Pentacles is a decidedly bad omen for love and relationships. You see, this tarot combination suggests that you are being governed by two rather unpleasant influences: betrayal and hoarding. Now, when one feels as though they have been left with very little in life, it is only natural to want to cling onto what remains. However, one must remember that patience can turn the short end of the stick into the long end.

Today you may feel quite aggressive and defensive in your mannerisms towards others. I implore you to exercise caution before lashing out at those who do not deserve it.

Now let’s delve deeper into these cards’ interpretations regarding love and relationships shall we? In my opinion (and trust me darling, I am an expert on everything), the Seven of Swords has an ever so slightly unfavorable influence on matters pertaining to love.

The score for this card concerning love sits squarely at a -1 (not good). This means that pursuing new romantic endeavors may not be wise currently. Instead focus on taking care of yourself first before embarking upon any new adventures in love.

As for the Four of Pentacles? Well my dear reader if you thought things couldn’t get any worse then think again! The Four of Pentacles has a plain old bad influence on matters relating to romance or companionship.

[Keywords associated with this card include insecurity, possessiveness, stubbornness lack mindset control materialism…need I go on? When this card appears in relation to affairs pertaining to amour there is often a sense amongst individuals involved feeling insecure about controlling situations within their relationship(s).

[So while this doesn’t necessarily equate directly with controlling behavior per se it could certainly lead down such paths if left unchecked. Ultimately what drives people afflicted by these tendencies stems from trying desperately create stability within their connection due fears rooted deep inside them.

Therefore if you or your counterpart find yourselves pursuing a new relationship simply to fill a void inside yourselves, then it’s time to take stock and reflect. One must ask themselves if their notions of love are tied towards status and reputation more so than the purest form of intimacy.

There is still hope for such connections however, but only when both parties confront their own insecurities head on. Whenever this card comes up in relation to any romantic endeavors that may have ended previously one must honestly evaluate why they want to return back into that situation? Are those feelings stemming from fear born out of insecurity?

Seven of Swords and Four of Pentacles combo follow-up

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