Seven of Cups and Four of Pentacles combo interpretation

Seven of cups clarified by Four of pentacles is a sign that two forces: A) Illusion (Seven of cups) and B) Saving Money (Four of pentacles) are influencing you at this moment. A reading like this implies that you will soon be disabused of a previously cherished belief. It’s a highly pernicious and widespread one, too: essentially, that money will make you happy. True enough, it will be hard, as challenges to our world-views often are. But think of it this way: once you’ve laid it to rest, you can start on the road towards genuine happiness—whatever direction that might take.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

Hey, everyone! It’s Gloria Wilson here to talk about the meaning of Seven of cups and Four of pentacles for love and relationships. This combination is considered somewhat uncaring when it comes to matters of the heart.

When we see Seven of cups clarified by Four of pentacles, it means that two forces are influencing you at this moment: illusion (Seven of cups) and saving money (Four of pentacles). This reading implies that soon you will be disabused from a previously cherished belief – the idea that money will make you happy. It might be difficult to let go, but once you do, you can start on the road towards genuine happiness – whatever direction that may take.

Interpretation for Seven Cups:

In my opinion, Seven Cups’ influence on love is somewhat bad. Unfortunately, this card symbolizes wishful thinking, illusion and fantasy which can lead to cheating or being misled in romantic relationships. The card asks us to be careful and use our intuition as all that glitters is not gold.

Interpretation for Four Pentacles:

In my opinion, Four Pentacles’ influence on love is slightly unfavorable. While it’s important to save money for your future needs like bills etc., depriving yourself completely from fun activities now then isn’t good either. Treating yourself now then leads to happiness which increases your ability & desire towards generosity with others as well, hence treating oneself doesn’t mean one is selfish.

However, because there’s a focus on money all the time due to this card people might not fully immerse themselves into adventurous relationships because they’re always focused financially resulting in scoring -1 when it comes down specifically for Love readings overall


While both cards have some negative implications for love & relationship readings separately or together as a combination, letting go off illusions/fantasies/financial worries can lead to genuine happiness and treating oneself now then is essential for personal growth and a boost of energy towards your goals. So, don’t get too caught up in the illusions or financial worries – focus on what really matters: love & happiness!

Seven of Cups and Four of Pentacles combo follow-up

Seven of cups combos, Four of pentacles combos

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Alice in Wonderland choice
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