Judgement and The Devil combo interpretation

Judgement clarified by The Devil gives a hint about your near future, which will come to pass from the combined effect of (1) Inner Calling (effect of Judgement) and (2) Addiction (effect of The Devil). What’s the advice of this pair? These cards represent very powerful energies that will have a profound effect on your life. Judgement is a call to look into the depths of yourself and excavate who you really are. It’s a card of redemption that can allow you to find your soul’s true purpose. It is the penultimate card of the major arcana and is the last step before the energy of The World card can close a major cycle in your life. It’s a challenging moment that is often derailed. The Devil card is bad news. It speaks to the things that are keeping you bound to the version of yourself you need to leave behind. These are things, situations, people and personal failings you’re addicted to or co-dependent on. The Devil card is also good news, because it’s pointing the energy of Judgement in the right direction towards what needs to be faced, cut out, and healed.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

Judgement and The Devil combination is a warning sign for love and relationships. When the energy of Judgement is clarified by The Devil, it suggests that you will be facing a challenging moment in your relationship. This may involve looking into the depths of yourself to excavate who you truly are, while also dealing with addiction or co-dependency issues.

Judgement is a call to look at yourself honestly and find your soul’s true purpose. It can lead to redemption and renewal but can also cause upheaval in one’s life. In terms of love, Judgement’s influence is slightly unfavorable as it often leads to evaluation rather than reconciliation.

The Devil card reveals an obsessive personality that can be detrimental to romantic relationships. It suggests addictive tendencies that create an unhealthy environment for love to flourish. Although there may be sexual energy present in this card, its overall negative influence on love earns it a rating of -4.

In conclusion, if you receive the Judgement and The Devil combination in a reading related to love and relationships, take heed of its warning signs. Look within yourself honestly and address any addictive tendencies or co-dependent behaviors before pursuing any new romances or reconciling with past partners. While these cards represent powerful energies that must be faced head-on, they also offer an opportunity for growth and healing when approached with honesty and self-reflection.

Judgement and The Devil combo follow-up

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