Five of Wands and Seven of Cups combo interpretation

Five of wands and Seven of cups tarot combination gives a glimpse into an event in your future, which will arise from the combined effect of: (I) TENSION (effect of Five of wands) and (II) OPPORTUNITIES (effect of Seven of cups). It tells you that that there might be conflicts and disagreements in your family, workspace, or relationships, but that these conflicts are really blessings in disguise. Because with conflict comes opportunity, and the chance to see things from a new perspective. To learn to grow. It might not seem so at first and the tension that may arise might lead you to want to hide and pretend it’s not there. But with active listening, curiosity, and empathy, you will find that any conflict can act as a doorway into deeper understanding and intimacy between you and the other person. Conflict can also be presented as an opportunity for you to discover where your own boundaries lie, how to communicate them clearly and how to implement them.

What’s the meaning of this combo for love and relationships?

As an elder of our tribe, I have seen many relationships and understand the complexities that arise within them. The combination of the Five of wands and Seven of cups is cause for concern in matters of love and relationships. This pairing suggests tension, disagreements, competition, arguments, power struggles, reactivity as well as confusion and indecision.

However, my experience has taught me that conflict can be a blessing in disguise if approached with empathy and curiosity. While tension may arise in your relationship or family life – it is important to remember that these conflicts provide opportunities for growth. It may not seem like it at first but actively listening to one another can lead to deeper understanding and intimacy between partners.

The Five of Wands reminds us to reflect on why the battle began in the first place, perhaps we are perpetuating our own disagreements due to a battle of wills? Therefore dropping our weapons (metaphorically speaking) would help bring clarity about this connection.

On the other hand, when we see the Seven of Cups appear – confusion reigns supreme leading to indecisiveness which only worsens any feelings of insecurity present within ourselves. However accepting responsibility for making decisions regarding our relationships empowers us by helping clear away some mental fog enabling us better choices moving forward.

In conclusion:

  • While both five wands seven cups tarot cards individually suggest challenges within romantic relations they also offer guidance towards resolution through reflection on past patterns- taking ownership over decision-making processes- ultimately empowering individuals involved leading toward stronger more fulfilling connections with others based on authenticity rather than unhealthy competition or unnecessary struggles caused by miscommunication or lack thereof boundaries set forth early enough before resentment builds up into something unmanageable later down along life’s journey together as two separate beings becoming one unified partnership overtime together sharing all life has had instore awaiting patiently step-by-step day-by-day side-by-side always there supporting each other through thick thin till death do part ways no matter what always persevering together through all obstacles that may arise along the way.

Five of Wands and Seven of Cups combo follow-up

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“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there“, said Alice in Wonderland.

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